Recognize Achievement with a Beautifully Engraved Acrylic Award

A6989 Engravable Stand up Diamond Acrylic Award

The moment itself may be fleeting, but a beautiful corporate award lasts a lifetime. And for something to last a lifetime, it must meet certain standards.

At Executive Awards by Gilson’s, we strive to create splendid engraved acrylic achievement awards that are works of art, to be valued for decades to come. One of our awards is something your company or organization will be proud to bestow, and represent as a symbol of great success achieved.

Acrylic awards stand out because of their notable texture. Unlike glass or crystal, awards and trophies made of acrylic are shatter resistant. They’re also far stronger and resistant to damage, meaning they will certain last a lifetime, and perhaps even longer. Acrylic awards will absorb themselves in the light due to their transparent nature. Those who are lucky enough to receive our unique awards will be pleased when they see their office shine thanks to the acrylic material.

Our inscribed acrylic awards are artistic icons that will be treasured by the retiring board member or employee of the year who receives them. Our awards are crafted from only the finest materials, and masterfully engraved to your exact specifications. We’re committed to taking that level of care with every project; after all, a corporate award should reflect the commitment that went into earning the success it commemorates.

Acrylic Award Ideas

There are a variety of interested trophies and awards that make expert use of the acrylic material. In a class of its, acrylic awards come in a multitude of colors, allowing you increased flexibility and design choice. For a traditional and opulent look, consider jade acrylic plaques and trophies. These awards pay respect to the centuries worth of glasses, vases, and awards that originally featured this green hue. Whether they rest on an office desk or bookshelf, these classic acrylic trophies will draw the attention of anyone who has high taste.

Engraved acrylic plaques and awards are also available in a multitude of other colors, proving that the material is versatile and fit for any occasion. For an event worth of remembering, gift this exquisite red accented acrylic plaque, which will dominate the conversation in any room its lucky enough to be in. For something less bold but still worthy, deliver this understated and sharp freestanding award with blue accents.  Of course, a classic look is always welcome, which is why we always recommend clear acrylic awards that trap natural light.

Whatever acrylic award color you choose, feel excited knowing that the material is available for a variety of different choices: plaques, trophies, and awards. And if there’s an engravable award that intrigues you, remember that your corporate gift is in special hands.

Perfection Guaranteed

At Gilson’s, we will go above and beyond to deliver you the perfect one-of-a-kind employee award. Each plaque, trophy or gift item is completely customizable, down to the last detail, resulting in a unique award for a special occasion. Engrave acrylic awards with the recipient’s name, their successes, and your company’s logo to craft a gift that will leave them speechless.  From the initial phone call, through the design process and consultation, to creation and delivery, every step of the process will be agile and efficient, ensuring that you receive the best awards and trophies on the market.