Crystallized Perfection: Plaques that Create an Impression

The beauty of crystal shines perfection. Light shines through a crystal plaque in a moment of captivation, as glamorous as the moment of success the plaque commends for the perpetuity of time.

You can’t help but be taken aback. It glorious, shining, and impressive.

Gilson’s Executive Awards features a wide selection of plaques, including cherry, crystal, bamboo and jade. Most of our work can be customized down to the last detail to your specific liking.

Perfection: The Complement to Excellence

We deliver perfection, the ideal complement to excellence. Nothing but the best is enough to truly recognize genuine success.

We believe in creating something timeless in no time at all. We’ll create the perfect award through a process that is simple, quick, and satisfying. We guarantee it.

We start with the finest materials made from quality craftsmanship. We feature an extensive collection of engraved corporate gifts and awards manufactured by proven and reputable manufacturers such as Waterford, AT Cross, Seiko, Bulova and Wilton Armetale.

And we can work with bulk orders. Whether you need 10 or 200 plaques, we’ll find a solution within your budget that meets the finest requirements in presentation and class.

We believe in personal customer service. Call us during business hours, and speak to a Gilson’s professional one on one. We’ll find the perfect solution for the occasion. Create an impression with an award of gratitude and service that is truly reflective of the accomplishment for which its recognized.

Fast Efficiency without Sacrificing Quality

We understand that sometimes special moments need to be recognized when the memory is still fresh when the deed has just been accomplished, when the story is only just being written.

That is why we hold ourselves to such a fast turnaround time. Simple engravings can be done in as little as a day and shipped back. While we prefer to allow at least one day in the proofing process to ensure accurate quality, the fact remains that is you absolutely need it now, we can accommodate you. You will find the process fast, efficient and extremely satisfying.

And though the award may be as spontaneous as the special moment it recognizes, it will nonetheless be made of lasting quality. These executive awards, plaques, and gifts are designed to stand the test of time. They will be loved and cherished for decades to come. You’ll love these plaques. It is our high level of quality that has made Gilson’s the leaders in the executive and employee gifts and awards space since 1974.