Recognize a Medical Fellowship with a Beautifully Engraved Award

Achieving a medical fellowship is truly a fine accomplishment deserving of recognition. As such, it deserves a suitable award, not just a piece of cake and a pat on the back. The individual has worked hard. Recognize that hard work with engraved awards for medical fellows that truly convey the significance of the occasion.

At Gilson’s Executive Awards, we pride ourselves on personalized service and customized work. We feature a number of engraved works perfect for recognizing a medical fellowship. Choose from clocks, plaques, trays, pens, and more. Not sure what to get? Give us a call. Our experienced and cultured professionals would be happy to suggest something.

We’ve built our brand on quality, using the finest materials to truly create a lasting piece of art that will be remembered. Each of our awards is either machine engraved by one of our engraving artists, or upon special order, and depending on the product, hand engraved by our master artisan Tony Gilson, who has been setting the industry standard for excellence since 1974. We are not an ecommerce shop. Each of our awards is customized and unique.

An Exceptional Standard of Quality

We set a higher standard for awards. We believe that recognition should first be sincere and in league with the truly great accomplishments being commended. Greatness reflects greatness, and we produce nothing less.

And though our work is timeless, it is also fast and timely. We can turn around an engravement in about a day and ship it back to you for your proof. While we ideally prefer to allow at least one proofing process, we are happy to accommodate any deadline if the occasion requires.

We also pride ourselves on personal service. Call during business hours, and you’ll be personally answered by a Gilson’s employee who can answer all your questions. We’re happy to help.