Black Piano-Finish Perpetual P5062

Black Piano-Finish Perpetual P5062

Black Piano-Finish Perpetual P5062


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This black-finish large perpetual plaque records all the successes of your team with engravable black plates that let the name of each honoree stand out.

P5062 9×12 – 12 plates – $114.00
P5064 11×14 – 24 plates – $186.00

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A Large Perpetual Plaque to Celebrate the Cohesion of Team Collaboration

The allure of a grand piano’s black finish transcends mere aesthetics; it carries the essence of classical composition. A personalized plaque that evokes the timeless melodies of master composers like Beethoven and Mozart. Like when these musical maestros composed their sonatas, your best team members operate in a harmonious fashion. Each member contributes their unique talents. They weave their individual strengths into a collaborative symphony that resonates with excellence.

The large perpetual plaque, with its black piano finish, serves as a powerful tribute to this cohesive collaboration. Just like the notes in a symphony, the contributions of the entire team merge flawlessly. Your team creates a harmony that not only gets the job done but also achieves remarkable feats. This huge plaque stands as a tangible representation of the collective effort, dedication, and skill of your team. A perpetual plaque perfectly showcases their outstanding achievements.

The sleek black finish symbolizes the sophistication and professionalism of your team. A reflection of their commitment to excellence. It serves as a constant reminder of their unified efforts. A team working together in perfect synchronization to create something extraordinary.

As each of your top performer’s name and accomplishments are immortalized on the perpetual plaque, it fosters a sense of pride. It helps create a sense camaraderie and motivation within the team. Everyone wants their name on a perpetual plaque! It becomes a source of inspiration, encouraging them to continue striving for greatness.

In essence, the black piano finish of this large perpetual plaque represents the unity and elegance of your team’s efforts. It is a testament to their ability to collaborate and excel, much like the timeless symphonies crafted by musical geniuses. Celebrate the talent of your team and the beautiful harmony they create together with this luxurious corporate gift. An award that celebrates their achievements and inspires even greater achievements in the future.

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Weight 5 lbs

P5062 9×12 12 Plates $114.00, P5064 11×14 24 Plates $186.00