Glass vs Acrylic: Two Unique Materials For Employee Awards and Recognition

Art Glass Star Achiever TrophySome of the most beautiful awards are made of glass or acrylic. These two versatile materials can be found on plaques and large trophy awards. The assured confidence conveyed by glass awards is obvious to many, but some people gloss over acrylic awards. Acrylic is a fantastic, durable material for employee recognition awards. When it comes to picking the awards for your next function, consider how unique and special acrylic can be.

What Type Of Material Is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a type of plastic that is aggressively tough, making it the perfect material to house in more unpredictable environments, like homes with children. It provides that same optical transparency and clarity as glass, to the point where many observers will assume it is glass. A key advantage is that acrylic is mostly shatterproof, which makes it an ideal substitute for glass when thinking about award material.

Acrylic awards and plaques look just like glass but are far less fragile, meaning they’re less likely to shatter. Acrylic is perfect for environments with lots of movement, like a busy waiting room or a sports locker room. Just because acrylic is more resistant to damage doesn’t mean it’s of a cheaper quality. In fact, tons of effort goes into making each acrylic award and gift appear as if it’s glass, which requires extensive buffing.

Like glass, acrylic awards and plaques can take on numerous shades and colors, meaning you’re not limited to traditional, clear trophies. Acrylic’s versatility is also obvious when you note its myriad shapes and sizes; the tempered plastic can easily be molded to create a variety of different types of creative awards.

Should I Pick Acrylic Over Glass Awards?

There’s no reason to not pick glass trophies! Both acrylic and glass awards are beautiful choices, neither of which compromise on quality. Acrylic plaques and awards function well in busy work environments, but that’s not to say glass awards and trophies won’t either – they’ll just require some more care. Consider display glasses to house your most precious awards.

What About Art Glass Awards?

One of our most striking and creative offerings is our art glass awards, which truly are works of art. Each award is inherently unique in design, stature, and color as each is individually hand-blown, meaning no two awards will be alike. The raw and traditional art of hand-blowing glass simply can’t be replicated with acrylic. So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind curio to make awardees gleam with excitement, consider art glass awards.

Creativity doesn’t stop at art glass awards, however. A variety of acrylic awards and trophies break out of the traditional, homogeneous rectangular mold that you’re used to. Consider our star-shaped jade award or blue mirror gift which are strikingly executed pieces of art in their own right.

Glass And Acrylic Are Great Choices For Your Next Award

Whether you decide to go for acrylic or glass for your next trophy or award, be confident that you’re going to be okay regardless of which type of award material you choose. While acrylic and glass can look eerily similar, both present their own unique strengths. When it comes time to pick your next corporate gift, consider the environment where the award will be placed, and the traits and style preferences of the awardee.