A Few Tips For An Award Presentation Speech

executives shaking handsNow that you are ordering high-quality trophies and plaques, you need to consider how you will present your awards.

In many cases, you will need to prepare short remarks before you present your award plaques or trophies. The remarks need to introduce the recipients, show how much you value them and help to set the tone for the event.

So, before you present any personalized trophies and awards, here are a few tips for your remarks.

  1. Double check all of the details – Make sure you know how to pronounce any names correctly and be sure you have the correct titles. Too many remarks are ruined by mispronouncing someone’s name or by getting basic facts wrong. It only takes a few minutes to confirm the facts, but it is extremely important.
  2. Introduce yourself – Don’t assume the audience knows who you are. Briefly state who you are and why you are there.
  3. Introduce the recipient or recipient – Discuss what they do for your organization and provide background information if possible, such as how long they have been there.
  4. Add in a joke or two – These work best in the introduction. Your audience will most likely want to smile and laugh, so give them an opportunity to do so. A light comment in the introduction often works very well.
  5. Introduce the award – Why are you presenting this award? Is it an annual award? Is it for someone who is retiring? Is it named in honor of anyone?
  6. Tell us why the recipient is receiving this award – What makes the recipient so special? A personal story about the recipient always works well here. Can you describe how you have seen the recipient impact your organization, help fellow employees, assist customers or do something special?
  7. Keep it short – You need to build up and introduce the award recipient, but don’t go on too long. The event needs to remain focused on the award recipients.

Be sure to save time to rehearse

When you have your remarks all set, be sure to practice them or at least read over them a few times. You want to be confident and comfortable when it is your time to speak.

In addition, it’s always good to get feedback on your remarks beforehand from a trusted colleague, if possible.

And remember, whenever you are looking for recognition award ideas or if you have questions about any trophies and plaques, be sure to contact our sales professionals.