Match the Award to the Personality

We’re all born with a distinctive personality. Although, many traits in our personality can place us into distinct categories. According to a Forbes article dating back to 2012, there are nine corporate personality types.

  • Alpha: Love to crush competition. Their identity lies within their corporate conquests.
  • Bambi: The new recruits. They start out fresh, ready to learn and crave new opportunities and mentorship.
  • Believer: They rally for others and carry the torch. Office is adorned with photos of company outing, etc.
  • Heretic: A definite wildcard. They are committed to great success but are not usually great leaders.
  • Natural: Ambitious and definitely talented but need balance in their life. Excel when placed in the right team.
  • Pragmatist: Might seem tougher to manage but they are talented individuals with great logic.
  • Soldier: Solid team players who are usually great at certain tasks, but they need to be in the right role.
  • Survivor: Makes it to a senior position but won’t take risks. They know how to work the system.
  • Toiler: Represents the vast majority of the corporate world. They get in to work and get out to pay the bills.

So how can we best match an award with a personality type? Well let’s break those down below.

The Hostess with the Mostest

The person who loves to host meetings, company parties, or maybe they’re the head of the party planning committee. Pun intended. Whatever the reason, you could always give them an award to suit your planning party budget. So what type of awards belong to this category? You can choose from engravable sterling silver trays, glass bowls with a unique design, or a flower vase with the company logo. Some bowls and trays can be personalized with a landscape etching to represent your town or city. Or keep it simple and add a name to be engraved to finished product.

The Socialite or Coffee Lover

Perhaps your team is a little bit more keen on happy hour meetings. There are many gifts and awards that fall into that category. You can present them an engraved tempered glass mug. Styles and prices vary, depending on the materials used. A sportsman mug can cost between $35 and $70 depending on the size. Tempered coffee mugs are usually around $17 to $72. Maybe you need something more sophisticated? Consider a giant trophy cup. An engravable pewter tankard with a glass bottom is definitely a classic that is also very popular.

The Office Minimalist

Sure, they may have a bare bones office environment and keep a strictly organized desk. You know that they’re minimal in style and with their belongings. Need some gifting ideas this season? Definitely a few options here. There’s a glamorous business card holder that has a specific use for the desk or office setting. Do they have a bookcase? Perfect. A bookend or personalized clock brings many uses and shows off their recognition. Does the minimalist have anything hanging on their walls? Well, maybe a classic yet simple plaque that matches their office decor can be the perfect award to compliment them on their achievements this year.