Vinata Vase JC20

Vinata Vase JC20


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Art Deco is reinvented in this timeless design that radiates with style. Used as a luxury corporate gift or an award of appreciation, the Vinata Vase adds an exquisite touch to the home or office.

11″ H x 6.25″ W x 5.5″ D

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Award Vases Are a Unique And Luxurious Corporate Gift

Flowers have an innate ability to infuse life and vibrancy into any space. This exquisite vase takes that experience to a whole new level. As a standalone corporate gift, it’s already a statement piece that exudes elegance and sophistication. However, the true magic in this gift lies in its potential for customization. It transforms into a personalized corporate gift that goes beyond the ordinary.

With a custom engraving, this vase becomes a powerful tool for conveying gratitude and recognition. The engraving adds a distinctive touch that resonates deeply with the recipient. A luxurious gift for your top earner or an executive team member. It’s a vessel for your sentiments and a tangible representation of your organization’s values. A personalized expression of appreciation in gift form.

The design of this vase is a seamless fusion of timeless art deco elements with a modern twist. Its crystal-style, angular beveling conjures the opulence of the past while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. This dual identity makes it a versatile addition to any setting, be it a home mantel, a conference room table, or an office desk or window. It’s a work of art that can be displayed proudly, adding a touch of beauty and elegance to any space. This engraved glass gift is a corporate gift that speaks volumes about your appreciation and recognition. Engraved glass gifts are unique options that can’t be beat.

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