Top Sales Award Categories to Make Your Gift Ceremonies More Exciting

How dated is your top sales award ceremony? Many businesses and corporation put significant value in nurturing those who are at the forefront of bringing in sales and clients. It makes sense to award those who stand out above the rest and prove that they’re at the top of their game. Top sales awards a great way to breed a healthy competition amongst staff members as well. It inspires others to improve upon their craft with genuine incentive, which is important in the workplace. Motivating a sales team is one of the most important things you can do as an executive, team leader, or owner. The more excited they are, the more sales they’ll bring in. It’s a win-win situation.

However, many organizations make the mistake of only highlighting employees who bring in the most sales. This can be discouraging to many as their list of clients may not be as long as those who have worked there for years. It’s important to nurture those who provide excellence in unique ways that aren’t typically recognized. This is why we recommend that you consider handing out multiple top sales awards per year that fit into different categories. This gets more individuals involved, which in turn can lead to stronger motivation and comradery. Each category is meant to highlight a specific skill or trait.

Try these options out at your next ceremony and take note of the excitement and fervour in the room.

The Standard Top Sales Award

Simply put, this is the top sales recognition that most know and love. This award should be gifted to the individual who brings in the highest sales for the month, quarter, or year. The cream of the crop in terms of awards, these recipients should receive luxury corporate gifts that inspire others. Consider treating this salesperson with a gift card to a premium boutique or an engraved crystal plaque that can proudly shine on their desk. Have the award engraved with their name, the company’s logo, and the number of sales they brought in for the given period. It’ll be a gift they never forget.

The Highest Achievement Award

This award is meant to be flexible in nature and can be accommodated as you see fit. A Highest Achievement top sales award should go to the individual who has made significant strides in the given period. If a salesperson landed a difficult or extremely valuable client, this is the award for them. Or perhaps they made multiple sales in an unprecedented and short amount of time. Whoever makes you go ‘wow,’ with their effort, they deserve one of the many top sales awards you have to offer. For their hard work, they should be treated with something that reminds them of their effort they put in. It has to be something worthy of achievement. What says excellence more than a personalized clock they can place on their desk. Every time they look at the time, they’ll be reminded of their effort and achievements.

The Consistent Salesperson Award

Some people just do great, consistent work without having to be asked to do so. They might not get the most sales but they show up, do the work, and make clients extremely happy with their effort and good attitude. They deserve an award that recognizes their often-unnoticed strides in the corporate award. This is a great award that you can rotate around every period as it can build up motivation and deliver pride. A salesperson who receives this award should be reminded that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. How about a set of engraved pens they can use to sign on clients or bring in new sales? It’ll be great motivation.

The Leadership Award

Each division has its own leader. Whether official or unofficial, this the person that teammates and employees flock towards to get the best, most relevant advice and mentorship. Often unrecognized by upper management for shaping the next generation of salespeople, it’s important to recognize leaders whenever possible. After all, a leader that’s happy can motivate and uplift those under them. Taking on extra responsibility can be a daunting task, especially for those who are on the verge of retirement, yet they do it anyways because of the love they have for your corporation. Be sure to celebrate them at your next top sales award ceremonies. Need employee award ideas for mentors? How about an engraved name plate that proudly displays their title? They’ll love the extra validation and recognition from the execs at the company.

The Rookie Award

Reserved for those who are new to the team or division, the Rookie Award seeks to celebrate rockstar employees who are exceeding expectations in the early stages of their career. Maybe they’re meeting sales expectations at an early rate or makings strides during training. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to nurture and reward early on in someone’s career. This will make them more loyal to your organization and motivated to rack up other awards that are more merit-focused. Inspire early with a gift that they can proudly look upon during moments of self-doubt. Nothing is more validating than engraved trophies or plaques that features their name and accomplishments. And as they move on with their career, they’ll appreciate having a token that reminds of their first few months with your company.

The Most Improved Award

Self-explanatory, this recognition award seeks to reward those whose improvements are being noticed. Sometimes salespeople have bad months and just barely meet their quotas. That doesn’t mean they’re bad at their job. After all, you hired them because they have a spark that naturally aligns with client expectations. It can be easy to feel discouraged if you’re trying your best but don’t get recognized alongside the rest of them. To creative an inclusive environment that fosters motivation and excellence, think about implementing A Most Improved Award for top sales. Those who have fallen behind will have the inclination to rise to the occasion and nab this award. And it also makes those who are improving feel recognized in an environment that typically honors “the best of the best.” For employee award ideas that focus on improvement, consider fun corporate swag like engraved glass gifts like mugs. They’re practical gifts that also feel more sentimental than plaques.