Two Types of Employee Recognition

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Two Types of Employee Recognition

Did you know that some of the world’s most successful leaders wear the same thing to the office every day? One of the most legendary, and minimal, work attire belonged to the late Steve Jobs. The main reason for this sequence of clothing? To make less decisions. Being a boss or manager is all about decision making. It can be challenging to recognize your employees’ best efforts when your mind is always on to the next thing. No matter what wardrobe you wear into the office, we’re here to help you get ideas on how to better recognize your employees.

Managerial Recognition

There are two types of recognition that go on in the workplace. Managerial recognition is the most popular of the two. This is where supervisors or managers, or even company owners, keep a detailed tab of each employee and later awards them for their efforts. Sure, it seems easy to think that a person on a level of superiority should be the one rewarding the employees. Although, it is not always fair. Since managers and supervisors are on a busy schedule to begin with, they may not be too familiar with office politics and duties assigned within each. Thus, these decisions can seem a bit biased or unfair to others. This very much depends on business size. If it’s a small start-up or family operated business, it can be fair. On a large corporate level, it can be tricky.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Some have never heard of “peer to peer recognition.” This is where it is encouraged by management for employees to rate and recognize each other instead. Surprising to most who have never tried it before, this is usually the best way to create more workplace recognition. Colleagues know exactly what tasks are being done and who is accomplishing the most in their team. Not only can this behavior form a strong sense of camaraderie, it can create special bonds and forms of honesty. According to this article, “peer-to-peer recognition is 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager-only recognition.”

Examples of Employee Recognition

Whether it is manager to employee or peer-to-peer recognition, there are many unique ways to showcase your appreciation. Some companies use special apps for the staff to use on a daily basis (you can send digital high fives, etc.). Others like to be more original and reward their peers with a small token of appreciation. Some like to send company wide emails each month to highlight those who’ve accomplished time sensitive goals, others send a hand-written thank you note.

Employee Recognition Award Ideas

In conclusion, if you’re a boss or business owner, you’d probably prefer to step it up. A personalized pen or engraved glass piece can be the cherry on top for the annual recognition awards ceremony.