What is That Employee Gift Meant to Say?

Coming up with ideas for personalized employee gifts that are at once novel, welcome and appropriate can be a real challenge. Many of us probably remember that scene from the movie Christmas Vacation, when poor Clark Griswold, eagerly expecting a big holiday bonus check, opens the envelope to learn that instead he’s getting a year’s subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club. Nobody wants to be that employer, right?

The Indeed corporate gift guide suggests that personalized gifts can enhance employee loyalty, increase job satisfaction, and increase productivity. A personalized corporate gift should speak to the recipient in a special manner. The intention should spark excitement and gratitude, creating a personal connection between the corporation and the employee. The gift, whatever it may be, but also me appropriate and be in line with the company’s cultivated culture. It should also speak to the occasion. Is the gift in question meant to encourage employee engagement? Or is it a simple ‘thank you’ for their recent work.

A gift is a great way to create a sense of community within the workplace, which is why going personal but practical can be a great route.

Practical Brand Boosting Gift Ideas

One solution is simply to choose some practical everyday item that many people commonly use, brand it with your identity, and give it as a gift. These everyday products can also get the luxurious corporate gift spin, making them far more valuable than generic trinkets. Organizations love products that also boost productivity, which is why engraved pens are always a popular choice. Business card holders with the recipient’s name can make office life far easier. Other solutions include bar and drinkware that boast your company’s logo and mascot. The idea is to gift something that holds practical value that the recipient will use on a daily basis, both inside or outside of work. Other gift ideas include company-branded USBs, phone cases, and t-shirts.

This helps create a relationship between the company and employee that’s far more than transactional. If an employee identifies with their brand, retention and loyalty will increase. These personalized gifts are best for occasions where incentives are required, not large, celebratory moments. Each situation demands a unique corporate gift and it’s up to the corporation to meet expectations.

Practical Is Not Always the Best Choice

For conveying a more individual and personal touch, however, a better idea may be a symbolic or decorative gift – a beautiful thing to be put on a shelf and admired. To celebrate large moments that define one’s career, employees want luxurious gifts that they can show off, such as a piece of glass or crystal art. Companies should definitely want to focus on uniqueness and quality with this type of item, since the inherent beauty and personality of the piece is sort of the whole point of giving it. With so many different types of awards available in multiple materials, it’s easier than ever to find luxurious and art-worthy gifts that speak to any personality. Telling an employee that they are a special, valued individual calls for a singular present. Think of it this way: A bouquet of long-stemmed roses isn’t nearly as useful as a pair of new socks, but in certain cases, the floral arrangement makes for a more appropriate choice of gift. If an employee is receiving a worthy promotion or a recognition award during a function, they most likely want something they can excitedly show off both in the office and at home, like a premium glass trophy or award.

A gift item can be both practical and decorative, of course. Engraved crystal clocks can proudly rest on desks as decorative works of art whilst also providing the time. Employers don’t always have to boost their brand. Sometimes, a gift can just be that: a personal gift, which shows no signs of allegiance. A great gift idea is an engravable crystal nameplate that employees can continue to use throughout their career.

When it comes right down to it, choosing appropriate corporate gifts for employees doesn’t have to be all that different from shopping for your friends or relatives. Just think hard about what the gift is meant to say, and you won’t go too far wrong.