What Should You be Recognizing Employees for?

Yes, trophies and plaques for top sales awards are a great way to recognize the MVP’s on your team. But statistics and quotas shouldn’t be the only thing an employee gets recognized for. There’s so much more to work than numbers; at the end of the day, it’s people that matter. So how can you give your employee morale a boost, have a bit of fun at the office, and recognize talent?

Ways to Poke Fun and Recognize Talent at the Same Time

Perhaps the favorite part of school yearbook, for most people, is the “Most Likely To…” page. You know – “Class Clown”, “Most Likely to Start a Commune”, “The Scholar” – stuff like that. But what if we brought that vibe to the office, and created personalized and unique corporate gifts for those special personality traits that make each member of your team valuable? Here’s a few ideas:

1. The Mediator: Every workplace gets stressed sometimes, and every team has disagreements – it’s human nature. Think about a unique corporate gift like a personalized clock for that employee that is always the low-key debate moderator.

2. The Rainman: That employee that’s always coming in handy for remembering pieces of information that everyone thought were inane… until they weren’t? They’d definitely enjoy a unique corporate gift like an art glass award, or ultra-modern, angular acrylic award plaque – something that reflects both their niche talent and their creative thinking.

3. The MacGyver: Is there someone in the office that never fails to create a solution to every problem? Your resident fire extinguisher? Think about a trophy or plaque that features a tool like a wrench or a roll of duct tape.

4. The Scholar: We all have unique backgrounds, and most of us don’t work in fields that have anything to do with our university degrees. And many workplaces have benefited from having a team that has diverse points of view. Every office has that one team member who shares seemingly irrelevant information that somehow becomes relevant at key moments. Present them with a unique corporate gift like intricate bookends or a trophy award featuring a bronzed encyclopedia.

5. The Office Optimist: This is that employee who is always upbeat and encouraging, no matter if it’s 7am on a Monday, or if the whole team has to work late. This person deserves a personalized corporate gift that’s just as lively as them, like a colorful art glass award.

6. Most Likely to Skip Lunch: This is another place a personalized clock set in an elegant award plaque would be a fun employee award idea. Perfect for that one employee who gets so engrossed in their work that when they look up from their computer for the first time of the day, it’s already half past 4.

7. Most Likely to Laminate: Do you have a resident organizer? Someone who loves rules and manners? An employee that’s always asking to create new guides for employees, reorganize the file room or inventory the warehouse? Gift them an acrylic award plaque that mimics their love for all things neat-and-tidy; this teammate helps keep your office running smoothly.

8. Most Likely to Own a Crystal Ball: Every office has that team member that’s so intuitive, it seems that they can predict how almost any situation will pan out, even when it’s a complete gamble. A spherical, blown-glass trophy award will give a nod to this resident office oracle, who’s likely helped your team to get ahead of several potentially risky situations.

Employee Recognition: Personalized Corporate Gifts Boost Morale and Cooperation

Listen; any employee recognition award idea is a good idea (so long as it’s professional, at least!). Recognizing employees with personalized corporate gifts and awards boosts morale, teamwork, and it makes everyone more likely to stick around longer at the company. But even the best award programs have the potential to become monotonous. So try switching it up every once in a while with ideas like these; it’ll give everyone a laugh, and it will be a fond, shared memory for the whole team.