Writing an Engraved Message Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Recognition awards are not just tokens of appreciation; they’re symbols of recognition. They honor dedication and outstanding performance. While the physical design of these awards is important, the engraving is where you can infuse a personal touch. Creative engravings make these awards keepsakes that resonate with recipients for years to come. Here are some easy steps you can take to think of a creative engraving. A slogan or sentence that captures the essence of your employee’s achievements:

Start by Reflecting on Their Achievements and Contributions

Start by delving into the recipient’s accomplishments and contributions. What sets them apart? How have they made a positive impact on the team or the organization as a whole? Reflecting on their journey and milestones will provide you with valuable insights. Consider the projects they excelled in, leadership roles they undertook, or ideas they contributed.

Less Is More, Keep the Message Short and Sweet

Creativity often thrives within constraints. Engravings are limited by space, so crafting a powerful message in a few words is crucial. Aim for brevity while capturing the essence of the employee’s achievements. Condense their journey into a meaningful phrase or quote.

Company Values and Mottos Are a Great Starting Point

Infuse the company’s core values and motto into the engraving. This not only aligns the recognition with the company’s culture but also reinforces those values as a source of inspiration. Consider how the recipient embodies these values. You can then translate that into a message that uplifts and motivates both the individual and the team.

You can Always Seek Inspiration from Quotes or a Favorite Book

Quotes from literature or even popular culture can serve as a wellspring of inspiration. Find quotes that encapsulate the recipient’s journey or qualities and adapt them to suit the context of the award. A quote can lend depth and universality to the engraving, making it resonate on a broader level.

Humor and Wordplay Can Make It Heartfelt

Humor or clever wordplay in an engraving can add a lighthearted touch that reflects the recipient’s personality. If the company culture allows for it, consider a playful pun or a witty phrase that brings a smile to the recipient’s face. Just ensure that the humor is always respectful.

A Great Message Can Simply Celebrate Numerical Milestones

If the recipient’s achievements involve quantifiable results, use these numbers to your advantage. Incorporate milestones and figures that showcase their impact in a tangible way. For instance, “Top Salesman 2 Years Running” can resonate with a real estate agent.

Highlight The Future as Much as The Past

Consider engraving a message that not only celebrates past achievements but also what comes next. Acknowledge their potential to continue making positive contributions. Keep them inspired to keep striving for excellence.

Invoking a Sense of Legacy Creates Pride

Craft an engraving that reflects the long-lasting impact the recipient has had on the company and its culture. This can convey a sense of legacy and remind the individual of their role in shaping the organization’s trajectory. It’s a powerful way to make the recipient feel like an integral part of the company’s history.

Involve Their Colleagues and Peers in the Process

Collaboration often sparks creativity. Involve colleagues and peers in brainstorming engraving ideas. They might offer insights and perspectives that you hadn’t considered. They can also provide anecdotes or personal experiences. Inside jokes and stories can be woven into the engraving to make it more heartfelt and relatable.

Tailor The Tone of the Message to the Award’s Significance

Different awards hold different meanings. A recognition for leadership might call for an engraving that speaks to vision and guidance. On the other hand, an award for innovation could emphasize creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Tailor your engraving to match the award’s significance. You need it to encapsulate the essence of the recipient’s achievements.

Now That You Have a Few Drafts, Review and Refine Them

Once you’ve drafted potential engravings, review and refine them. Consider the recipient’s perspective and how the engraving would make them feel. Ensure that the language is clear, concise, and respectful. Avoid jargon or overly technical terms that might not resonate with everyone.

Get Feedback from The Rest of Your Team

Before finalizing the engraving, seek feedback from a diverse group of colleagues or mentors. Any work like this should be a collaborative process. Their input can help you gauge the effectiveness of the message and identify any potential areas for improvement.

The Message needs to Connect Emotionally

Lastly, strive to create an engraving that evokes an emotional connection. Whether it’s through inspirational words, personal anecdotes, or shared values, the engraving should leave a lasting impact that touches the recipient’s heart.

It’s a Lot, But You and Your Team Can Do It Together

Crafting a creative engraving for employee awards and plaques is a thoughtful process. It requires reflection, creativity, and a deep understanding of the recipient’s journey. You can create an engraving that honors the recipient’s achievements. With the right message, it can also become a cherished reminder of their contribution to the organization’s success.