Desk Accessories: Practical Corporate Gifts That Boost Productivity

Gift giving can be an annoying and time-consuming task, especially if you’re a manager with countless other responsibilities. It can be difficult to find the right personalized gifts for your employees. As a leader, you want to ensure that your staff is rewarded for their results without compromising the importance of professionalism. On that note, as a senior member, you also want to make sure that your staff appreciates their gifts and understand that genuine thought has gone into them.

It’s easy to assume that you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to corporate gifts but that simply isn’t the case. If you and your team are looking for corporate gifts that exude practicality, style, and personality, consider desk accessories. Not only can desk accessories boost productivity but they can be heavily personalized, making them some of the best awards to give out.

Gift Premium Engraved Pens

The pen is one of the strongest tools in the office. It signs checks, contracts, and other key documents. Your office is likely filled with dozens if not hundreds of pens, no doubt worn out and old. This leaves a poor impression upon your staff, as well as customers and clients. Ditch the dollar store pens and upgrade your staff’s writing fleet. If you’re looking for a gift that’s practical, personal, and premium, look no further than an engraved pen. You can personalize pens based on office departments or employee names, making each pen stand out when used. Imagine the pride and accomplishment your staff will feel when they sign important contracts with a pen that has their name on it.

If you’re looking for pens that are built to last, consider our fleet of Euro pens, which come in a variety of colors. Engrave them with someone’s name, a motto, or your logo – whatever you’d like. They’re perfect awards to give to staff members on their birthdays or as a quarterly treat. Our personalized pens require no minimum order, meaning you can order them whenever the right occasion appears. Consider them for promotional purposes as well – they make for a great gift to potential clients or customers.

Get New Clients with a Business Card Holder

Is your employee client-facing and constantly meeting potential customers? If your workers are repeatedly coming across new faces, a fantastic gift to bestow upon them is a business card holder for their desk. Not only are business card holders fun desk accessories that can be endlessly customized but they’re also extremely practical. They’ll never lose track of their business cards ever again. All of our business card holders for desks, like the Oblique Card Holder, can engraved and personalized with your company’s logo or the recipient’s name. Not only will your staff love you for the special gift but they’ll thank you for having a special place to house their business cards.

Give The Gift of Time

If one of your employees has landed a sought-after client or has walked away with a major sale, it’s important to incentivize them with a corporate gift that truly makes them feel special. For a fun employee award idea that boosts productivity and is great to look at, consider personalized clocks. When it comes to personalized clocks and timepieces, there are dozens of options and designs to choose from, meaning there’s one that’s perfect for every sort of worker. A simple, elegant timepiece that functions as a great engraved glass gift is an individually gift boxed Frosted personalized clock.

For a more luxurious corporate gift, consider an engraved Waterford crystal clock, perfect for retiring board members or top sales persons. A premium crystal recognition award that’s practical like a clock is a great way to treat employees and corporate superstars who are consistently going above and beyond. Highlighting the achievements of certain workers with aesthetically pleasing gifts can also inspire others to work harder.

Get Organized with a Customizable Desk Set

Want to go big? Treat your staff to personalized desk sets. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, serving different needs. However, any desk set will organize your employee’s work quarters with grace. If you’re looking for a luxury corporate gift, consider the Memo Pad and Floating Pen set. Not only does the set come with a fully engravable pen but it also boasts a memo pad which can come in handy to jot down brief notes during meetings.

Desk accessories are a great way to remind workers how integral they are to your operation but they can also boost productivity. By going with an engraved pen or business card holder, you’re reminding them just how great of a job they’re doing at work. There’s also a chance that desk accessories might not be right for you and your employees. There are tons of different gift ideas that you can consider, like personalized clocks or bookends – both of which work well in an office setting. Want to ditch practicality and opt for reverence? Consider commemorative plaques that highlight employee accomplishments. Employees want to be recognized and one of the best ways to do so is giving them gifts that feel personalized. No matter what you give, make sure there’s genuine effort behind it.