Exceptional Attire for the Corporate Gala

Free Standing Glass Award w/ Star Accent G2792Dressing up for the annual gala may not be as easy as you think. Sometimes there’s strict attire (black and white only, pastels only, etc.) and other times it may be a free for all. The most important advice we have for you is to dress comfortably. Yes, being sucked into a zip up dress and heels for a few hours straight can turn out to be an uncomfortable experience. For those who will be wearing a tux or a suit, remember to add suspenders or get stretchy pants for comfort. Let’s not forget about the shoes, they should be worn in a few times before the big event. Looking flawless shouldn’t bring pain to your feet or body by the end of the night.

Ladies, We’re Starting with You

A few dress styles that have been highly recommended by the fashion police include long chiffon skirts, teacup length skirt dresses and long slit skirts. With chiffon, the material remains breathable throughout the night and can be easily worn as it is light in weight. For those who opt on shorter length dresses, a tea length skirt would be the perfect match. This skirt usually ends above the knee in length and is comfortable to wear on a warm evening out. Plus, you won’t have to worry when walking up the stairs and on stage to receive your award for Best Employee of the Year. The skirt will remain off the ground. If you prefer a longer skirt but want a sexier look, a long-slit skirt dress is the best option. You’ll stay looking elegant all night long.

A Handsome Gentleman in a Suit and Tie

The men always have it easy, right? Well, most of the time anyway. Make sure you choose a classic tux or suit color (usually a solid black) with a plain colored shirt and matching tie. Depending on your personality or sense of style, you can totally get creative with the tie or suspenders. Our advice? Go for the unique tie! Plus, if you win an award later on during the night, the photos (and fashion) will last a lifetime.