It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Christmas Gifts

'Christmas Door with Color' Pewter OrnamentChristmas is arguably the most popular (and expensive) holiday in the world. In 2020, it was reported that Americans spent on average $886 per person on Christmas gifts. We give gifts to our families, friends, closest coworkers, and we expect them back as well, especially from those we work for. Christmas gifts have practically become a mainstay in corporate America – it’s expected that the employer will treat those who work under them, especially during the stressful holiday season.

While Christmas may be months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about personalized holiday gifts. No one wants to be the employer who hands out cheap, uninspired trinkets because they didn’t plan ahead. During downtime, focus your efforts on finding the right personalized Christmas gifts for your employees. Bonuses and gifts during the holiday season can boost loyalty, increase engagement, and make employees feel more appreciated for their hard work.

Think About the Office Christmas Party

Will your organization be holding an office Christmas party? If so, it’s important to ensure that all employees feel welcome. Nearly 93% percent of Americans state they celebrate Christmas but many do so for cultural reasons. It’s crucial that many feel included so during the event, try and accommodate as many faiths as possible. Stay away from religious iconography and instead decorate party with festive and neutral Christmas ornaments. These engraved Christmas gifts for employees can be adorned with your company’s logo or the names of various employees. After the party, encourage employees to take home their own ornaments so they can display them at home. It’s a fun way for workers to remember the party.

Inspired Gifts That Employees Can Use at Home

A great opportunity that comes with personalized Christmas gifts is the ability to boost your brand. With a few engravings, simple items both inside and outside the workplace can become billboards that draw customers to your business. And if work is going well, employees will love talking about their job when asked about it. For fun Christmas gifts that sport a personal touch, consider engraved bar or drinkware. Our master engravers can take high-quality beverage glasses in various sizes and make them standout with your company’s logo or motto. Stock up the office kitchen with these glasses and hand them out to employees when they leave for Christmas break – they’ll enjoy the gesture as they pour a drink at home.

Make The Workplace More Exciting with Personalized Gifts

If you work with a small team, it’s pretty much expected that all Christmas gifts will have a personal touch to them. Generic ‘thank you’ cards simply won’t cut it if you want to continue to foster a strong relationship with your employees. When dealing with a limited number of gifts, it’s important that the individual feels recognized. For personalized Christmas gifts, consider engraved keyrings that feature a nice homely message, alongside the name of the recipient. It’s a small token of appreciation but one that they’ll always cherish when they’re fumbling for their keys. For a more premium gift that features a personal touch, think about an optic crystal nameplate. This customizable Christmas gift can feature their name, as well as their position. Not only will it make their office stand out more (which is always a bonus) but it’ll also distinguish their name.

Finding engraved Christmas gifts for employees can be a daunting task so it’s important to start the search as early as possible. The faster you tackle the pleasantries of holiday season, the quicker you and your team can get to dominating the final quarter of the year.