What’s Trendy in Corporate Swag for 2021?

Many companies have started to change the types of gifts they give their customers and clients within the last few years. Trends have moved from luxury corporate gifts like glass water sets or personalized clocks to more casual gifts like high-end headphones and logoed tumblers. The gifts you give your clients, both new and established, reflect not only your company’s appreciation for their business, but also how your company values keeping its image fresh and attractive. Some updated ideas for corporate gifts include:

  • A subscription for a quarterly delivery of champagne or wine boxes
  • Apparel with your company’s logo partnered with the client’s
  • Personalized tech gear like headphones, earbuds or portable speakers
  • A subscription for a monthly or quarterly curated snack box
  • Backpacks, laptop bags or briefcases

There’s even this new thing called “gift automation,” where you put the preferences of the person/company receiving the gift into an AI program that then uses an algorithm to present you with the options that best fit both your goals and the recipient’s wants/needs. Maintaining good relationships with clients isn’t just about business, so little acts of generosity like these show your client they are personally important to your company.